Work / Projects / Games



The creative consultancy I accidentally co-founded back in 2011 and am now running. My vehicle for doing unusual things in the heritage sector. My boss is a nightmare.

Poetic Places  [Link]

The geolocation app I made back in 2015 whilst awkwardly toting the mantle of Creative-Entrepreneur-in-Residence with the Digital Scholarship department at the British Library. Yeah. Well, I made the app for £500 expenses with no coding skills, and it got featured on the VICE Creator’s Project. It also got 10k+ downloads worldwide, so I guess that went pretty well.

Side Projects & Stuff

Badgical Kingdom  [Link]

A random commercial experiment, wherein I try to turn artworks in the public domain into wearable brooches and enamel pins and then sell them. It’s going reasonably well considering I suck at Instagram and my #pingame is weak.

Games & GLAMs  [Link]

A Google group and Twitter account for those into history/heritage and games. It’s not the most active chat, but it’s good for finding similar nerds.

Off the Page  [Link – Review]  [Link – Recordings]

A free afternoon of talks on games & literature that I co-organised, held at the British Library on 08/03/17 as part of the London Games Festival Fringe.

Interstice  [Link]

An attempt to document some of the fringe game events happening as a public resource. Very much a work in progress.

Gangs.Games  [Link]

Mapping various game-related gangs, collectives, and meetups around the world to help people find groups near them. I’m currently building the database to power it with the help of Jo Summers and Amy Godliman, MPC pals.

Make Play Code (MPC)  [Link]

I’m a member of this cool gang for lady game-makers of all skill ranges, and attend most of its events. These events are mainly brunch-related, and we sometimes do mini-jams in between rounds of tea and chips where we try new mediums.

Games that I’ve made or might one day finish

(I’m not even going to get into the half-designed stuff)

Deep Water  (wip, Paper) 

A card game with procedurally generated maps, a single-player option, and a grim legacy mode. It’s about cave diving and all the horrors one might befall someone trying it. It may not be a completely accurate depiction of cave-diving. Made with paper, pens, tea, and artistic assistance from my pal Laura Smith during a MPC mini-jam. MPC pal Amy Godliman is going to help me with actual artwork once I’ve nailed down the mechanics.

Manifesto 13/02/18  (2018, Paper)  [Link}

A manifesto for making, playing, and critiquing games. Written on a train, for #manifestojam. To immediately be superseded.

Albatross  (2017, Unity)  [Link]

Sit in a small boat on a choppy ocean, listening to The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. In VR. Win by not being sick. There’s also a wobbly stool for maximum ‘enjoyment’. Otherwise titled ‘Bring Your Own Bucket’.

@X-Filed  (2017, Twitter, Cheap Bots Done Quick)  [Link]

A little Twitter bot account made with CheapBotsDoneQuick as part of #procjam 2017, haphazardly mashing together fragments of original X-Files episode descriptions with bits of new strangeness.

Squid Loves Fox  (2017, Twine)  [Link]

A simple tale of a squid and a fox trying to go on a date. Made in Twine with my pal Laura Smith during a MPC mini-jam.

17th Year  (2017, Unity)  [Link]

My entry for the 2017 Flatgame jam and first attempt at something flat in Unity. A brief jaunt through the 17th year of friendship with my best pal.

Elephant Mimosa  (2016, Bitsy)  [Link]

An elephant gets into the mimosa, but look closer for emotional insight. Made in Bitsy with my pal Laura Smith during a MPC mini-jam.