Author: Sarah

A full day of videogames at the Victoria & Albert Museum! What’s not to love?

A brief write-up of the Parallel Worlds event and VR-themed Late of 25/11/16.

Something has been bothering me about Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture ever since I played it last year. Specifically, I’ve been wondering why I don’t like it more.

On paper it should be my ideal game; it’s utterly beautiful, it’s well-written, the production is excellent, and it’s sci-fi, which is usually my thing. So what’s the problem?

I spent the first week of August up in Dundee. Despite being haunted even now by the city’s terrifying statues of the Bash Street Kids, I had a great time—thinking, learning, and talking about games.

Wherein I enjoy a variety of discussions, stack some camels, and jump round in a circle with my eyes shut shouting “Cat! Cat! Cat!”