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I’m Sarah Cole and Patchwork Fez is the banner that I use for the games stuff I do.

My usual day job is doing creative, geeky stuff at TIME/IMAGE, a consultancy for the museums and heritage sector. I think I’m also still Creative Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the British Library?

I spend increasing amounts of time over-thinking games and related garbage.

I help out at games events and, for reasons I’m not yet clear on, I go to a lot of games events too, like DiGRA-FDG and Pokémon concerts and A MAZE and Feral Vector.

I’m also part of MakePlayCode, Brighton’s friendliest video game girl gang, and make horrible games.


Member of Make Play Code
Friend of the Public Domain Review
Member of the Organisation for Transformative Works
Alumni of the Centre for Creative Collaboration (C4CC)

Find me on the Twitters as @irny.

Contact me via email here.

Descriptors: Pale. Occasionally interesting. Goon. Writer. Gamer. Geek. Classicist. Fantastical. Digital. Curious.

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alt. me

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