Brituals (GGJ16)

Brituals was created by myself and a team of three others for Global Game Jam 2016 with the theme of ‘ritual’; I was one of two writers.

A text adventure with illustrations, Brituals was a satire of stereotypical English behaviours (tonally akin to a surreal version of VeryBritishProblems). At the beginning of the game, players were flung at random into one of several potential alternate universes, each with its own set of societal rituals; players then had to navigate the strange behaviours of these parody universes to work out where they had landed.

My writing for this game was largely comedic and quite extensive; we had to write nine variations for several scenes to cover the different rituals of the different universes. The project presented interesting collaborative challenges as my co-writer and I attempted to match styles and tones to make a more coherent game.

Unfortunately Brituals was built in a custom engine and is no longer available to play.