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I’m Sarah Cole and Patchwork Fez is the banner that I use for the games stuff I do.

My usual day job is doing creative, geeky stuff at TIME/IMAGE, a consultancy for the museums and heritage sector. I’m also Creative Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the British Library, where I’ve cobbled together a geolocation app about poetry and history of places called Poetic Places.

I spend increasing amounts of time over-thinking games and related nonsense, hence all the words on this site.

I help out at games events like WordPlay UK, Now Play This, and whatever else Jo talks me into. As part of the 2017 London Games Festival I co-programmed an compèred Off The Page—an afternoon of talk on games and literature at the British Library. For reasons I’m not yet clear on, I go to a lot of games events too, from DiGRA-FDG to Pokémon concerts to A MAZE.

I’m also part of MakePlayCode, Brighton’s friendliest video game girl gang, and make intentionally awful VR projects.

Find me on the Twitters as @irny.

Contact me via email here.

Descriptors: Pale. Occasionally interesting. Goon. Writer. Gamer. Geek. Classicist. Fantastical. Digital. Curious.

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alt. me

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