Design portfolio

I’ve been making video games, board games, and tabletop games since 2015, when someone foolishly let me know that such a thing was possible.

I’ve also been working as a freelance creative producer / project manager for technical and cultural organisations and running games events in my spare time. I’m pretty good at this but it’s time for a change—I want to do work which truly engages and challenges me, so I’m moving into the games industry professionally. I’m looking for opportunities to work, learn, and grow with good people and innovative projects.

My designs are characterised by unusual ideas, complex systems, and working with constraints. I design through rapid iteration and constantly asking ‘what happens if we do this?’

Below is a selection of my video game projects.

My board game designs aren’t featured on this site as I’m hoping to publish some of them, but I’m happy discuss them if you’d like to know more.

Individual Work

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