Side Projects

  • Trick or Retreat  [Link]
    • An event where gamesy folks can hang out together in a converted church for a few days! Late in 2019 I was feeling sad about the lack of opportunities to just hang out with large groups of friends, and how we’re always trying to cram in conversation time at other conference-like events. So I thought ‘why not make an event just about hanging out?’
      Trick or Retreat has been running annually since 2022. We usually have 25–30 lovely attendees who bring over 100 boardgames, a zine library, and lots of cake!
  • Badgical Kingdom  [Link]
    • A commercial experiment, wherein I try to turn artworks in the public domain into wearable brooches and enamel pins and then sell them. It’s going reasonably well considering I suck at Instagram and my hashtag game is weak.
  • Handmade Farrago   [Link]
    • As if I didn’t have enough going on, I’ve started doing Crafts. Sewing, painting, sculpting… it’s all happening. I’m primarily making face masks (that actually fit and don’t fog up glasses) for friends and other associated miscreants at the moment but I may eventually start selling my esoteric wares. Stayed tuned to find out.
  • Off the Page   [Link – Review]  [Link – Recordings]
    • A free afternoon of talks on games & literature that I co-organised, held at the British Library on in March 2017 as part of the London Games Festival Fringe. We then did it again in 2019!
  • Make Play Code (MPC)   [Link]
    • I’m a member of this cool gang for lady game-makers of all skill ranges, and attend most of its events. These events are mainly brunch-related, and we sometimes do mini-jams in between rounds of tea and chips where we try new mediums.
  • Interstice  [Link](project on hold)
    • An attempt to document some of the fringe game events happening as a public resource. Very much a work in progress.
  • Gangs.Games   [Link](project on hold)
    • Mapping various game-related gangs, collectives, and meet-ups around the world to help people find groups near them. I’m currently building the database to power it.
  • Games & GLAMs   [Link]
    • A Google group and Twitter account for those into history/heritage and games. It’s not the most active chat, but it’s good for finding similar nerds.