Woodsorrel Garden Gallery

The Woodsorrel Garden Gallery sits in the centre of the formal garden on Woodsorrel, my Animal Crossing island. I use this space to host exhibitions of installation art.

The most recent exhibition, O Joy, can be visited via Dream Suite at DA- 1947-1429-2561. You can find the exhibition guide here.

You can read about all past exhibitions and watch footage of them here.

Opening Hours:

Anyone is welcome to visit the Gallery. The most recent exhibition can be visited via the Dream Suite at

DA- 1947-1429-2561

If you’d like to visit Woodsorrel in general, please DM me or email me for a Dodo Code.

The Garden Gallery came about when my partner decided to try Animal Crossing on my Switch, played long enough to set up a tent, and then didn’t log in again. Stuck with an uninhabited tent in an inconvenient location, I eventually logged in as them and upgraded the tent to a house so that I could move it out of my new garden and into the woods. After a few weeks of running past a small, empty house full of cockroaches I thought about what I could perhaps do with that space. Second homes aren’t my style, so I decided to upgrade it, move it back into the garden, and turn it into a creative outlet—an art gallery. The Woodsorrel Garden Gallery opened on 23 May 2020.

Reviews & Interviews

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O Joy: Twitter thread review — Cat Manning, 11 July 2020

Review: Good Night at Woodsorrel Garden Gallery — Nick Murray, 24 May 2020

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