Odds & Ends

Still in development but available as prototype, Odds & Ends is the offspring of a point-and-click game and a Twine game. Sometimes objects on the desk change, sometimes the associated memory changes. Players are unlikely to find everything. It’s a work in progress but it’ll be a long play when it’s done.

One of the core themes of the game is honesty—everything I’ve put into it is completely true. It’s been difficult to write at times. Some of the memories included: the first family holiday after my mum died, inheriting a box of fingernails, eating fresh fish in Mongolia.

Artwork by Kate Holden.

Playable via

Built in Unity using a visual scripting plugin, Odds & Ends is designed around complex, interweaving narratives. Players click on objects to access stories, but the stories associated with them change depending on which other stories they’ve read so far. The challenge lies in making the stories connect in subtle and natural ways by assigning values and tracking the status of the different story threads; this design element has been drafted in spreadsheets and on paper, and iterated in the visual scripting tool itself before revising the documentation.